Tilley Testimonial

Our friend Bill Kalbas shares his thoughts about Tilley Hats.

13576Do you own a Tilley hat?  If so, do you wear it?  If not, now might be a good time to stop by Jesse Brown’s Outdoors and buy one.  If you do own one, now is a great time to start wearing it.

I just saw my dermatologist, and he reminded me that during the summer months, my baseball hat was not enough.  He strongly suggested that I start wearing a full-brimmed hat.  Not only to protect my ears and face, but the back of my head.   When I told him I owned a Tilley, he agreed, that should do it!

Tilley hats are GREAT, and I sure love the two Tilley hats I purchased over the years from Jesse Brown’s.   One I wear fishing, and the other one is for all other occasions.